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In 1976 / 1977 Sarah Brightman joined the dance group Pan’s People.

“At the age of sixteen, she landed a coveted spot in Pan’s People. As the resident dance troupe of BBC Television’s top-rated hit-parade show, Top of the Pops, this all-girl group ruled the airwaves, attracting a rabid and devoted following. Even though BBC’s new line up meant that Pan’s People would no longer grace the hit show, nothing could be more glamorous to a dancer than becoming a Pan’s Person.   Induction into the group required, however, that Sarah drop out of school, which was precisely what she did, despite pronounced parental trepidation. No one could have predicted then that this risky move would, in time, pay off so handsomely for Sarah and her legions of fans.  Before long, Sarah was spotted by choreographer Arlene Phillips (who would later go on to choreograph hits like Annie, Starlight Express and Lord of the Dance) and was invited to audition for Hot Gossip, the sultry dance troupe with a weekly slot on Thames Television’s Kenny Everett Show. Arlene was looking for new recruits with the sex appeal and risqué moves necessary to complement the show’s irreverent, no-holds barred format. So raunchy were the routines that they actually incurred the wrath of morality watchdog groups.” from

Around 1976 / 1977 Sarah joined the dance group Pan’s People.   Sarah replaced Cherry Gilespie and the ironic thing was that she only went along to the audition in order to provide some moral support for her friend. “I had no idea that I would walk out a Pan’s Person said Sarah.

At 16 she has realised the fantasy dreams of thousand teenage girls by joining ‘Pan’s People’, the select group of nubile dancers who until last year regularly appeared on Top of the Pops on BBC television. She is also modeling for Vogue and was chosen by Biba to advertise their cosmetics — all unheard of achievements for a girl who took her O’levels (passing five) only last year.

But life as a Pan’s Person has its ups and downs. Sarah and her five colleagues recently turned down an opportunity to fly to Greece to pose on a yacht for the sex magazine Penthouse. ‘They would probably have been asked to take their tops off,’ explains Penthouse associate editor Neville Player. ‘It wouldn’t have been much use to us if they didn’t.’

Sarah auditioned for Pan’s People after going to stage school in London.My mother always wanted her daughter to dance, and she decided I was the right shape and everything and put me into it, she says. She answers questions about her hobbies with all the aplomb of a Miss World entrant. ‘Gosh … I’ve always wanted to fly, and I would like to learn to glide. I also want to be a singer and make records.’ She lives at home in Berkhamsted with her parents and two brothers and two sisters. Does she find drooling men a problem?I’m too young to be pestered. I make it very clear that I’m only 16, and they soon leave me alone.’ ”  from Fanfare: Unauthorized Biography of Andrew Lloyd Webber by Jonathan Mantle


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