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 Magazine Tune In To Summer 1979 photographs taken / copyright David James.

According  to the magazine Tune-in to Summer 1979, Sarah modelled for Vogue and Biba Cosmetics.  Here are photos of Sarah modelling taken at her parents home in Berkhampstead which is over 600 years old.


November 30th 1981

Sarah  Brightman, pop singer and ex – Hot Gossip dancer, wears an eye-catching outfit, in many shades of red, by Chelsea, London, designer

Sasha Hetherington.

It combines the delicacy of hand. painted chiffon with the toughness of studded leather, and costs £150.


The words and pictures are copyright of the magazine which published them.  I can only thank them for the great pictures!  In reproducing them on my website I infer no copyright whatsoever.

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(Or are you a bid of a Doze when it comes to Clothes!)

Dressy … or messy how do YOU look when you do yourself up? Try our quiz and see if you really do care what you wear!

WHAT TO DO: Imagine you’re dressing Sarah Brightman (picture below) for the disco. To complete her outfit she’ll need accessories from Sections 1, 2 and 3. Just choose what you think will look best with her clobber — ticking either a, b, or c from each group!

If you ticked mostly A’s: Wow, our fashion Ed had better watch out! You’ve got style, colour sense and a real flair for fashion. You’re independent and have the confidence to carry off new fashions — but only when they suit you. You’re the type who can go out in a nightdress and make it look like a creation from Paris!

If you ticked mostly B’s: You’re fairly good with fashion and like keeping up with current trends. You know what suits you and won’t buy things just ‘cos they’re the rage! However, now and again you go slightly mad and buy on impulse — then find you don’t like the thing two weeks later — fun though, isn ‘t it!

If you ticked mostly C’s: You’re still trying to find your feet with fashion! You’re not quite sure what suits you and what doesn’t, so you tend to be a bit of a copy-cat and buy things just ‘cos they look good on a friend. Try and find your own style and buy things that suit you — not your mate!

Mixture. . . ? Boy, you are a messy dresser! You’re not much interested in fashion or trends. You’re probably a bit of a stick-in-the-mud and hate any sort of change, so will stick to the same style of clobber rather than go for new trends! Take a bit more pride in yourself and start studying the fashion pages more closely.

Accessories from a selection by Baggage & General from Top Shop, Van Allan & Snob. Leotard from Dance Centre, Floral Street, London, WC2. Hair by Andrew at, Oro Hair Studio, King’s Reach Tower, London SE1 (tel. 633 9200).


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