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Sarah Brightman was a child who always knew what she wanted: To Be A Famous Artist

Sarah Brightman is the most successful soprano of all time, she’s helped pioneer the current classical crossover genre, and is the recipient of more than 150 platinum and gold discs. She still uses public transport! Not a Diva in the true sense, but an Angel of Music.

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bravo profiles14.JPG1960 – 1969  On 14th August Sarah Brightman was born in London England at 6am in the morning on a Sunday, and raised in Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, oldest of six children born to Grenville (Builder / Architect) and Paula (nee Hall) Brightman. (Dancer) Sarah was the oldest of 6 children her brothers and sisters being Joel, Jay, Nicola, Claudia and Amelia (Violet). Around 1963/64 Sarah begins dancing lessons at the age of 3. Later Sarah attended three performing arts schools, among them Elmhurst Ballet School, which she dropped out of from at the age of sixteen, and Arts Education School in London.

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1970 The principal play in Berkhampstead was A Day in the Death of Joe Egg, the title role (a spastic child) played by nine-year-old Sarah Brightman who stole the honours.

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This is your Life26.JPG1973 At 14, on November 6th 1973 Sarah made her theatrical debut in the musical I and Albert at the Piccadilly Theatre, London, playing one of Queen Victoria’s daughters -Vicki. “Andrew (Lloyd Webber) came to see that musical and he remembers me. It’s curious to think of him as an adult having watched me as a child!” said Sarah (from Hello! Magazine dated 13 May 1989.)

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Model11.JPG1976 & 1977 In her late teens Sarah was modelling for Biba Cosmetics and Vogue.

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Pans People 07Around 1976 / 1977 Sarah joined the dance group Pan’s People. Sarah replaced Cherry Gilespie and the ironic thing was that she only went along to the audition in order to provide some moral support for her friend. “I had no idea that I would walk out a Pan’s Person” said Sarah.

“At 16 she has realised the fantasy dreams of thousand teenage girls by joining ‘Pan’s People’, the select group of nubile dancers who until last year regularly appeared on Top of the Pops on BBC television. She is also modelling for Vogue and was chosen by Biba to advertise their cosmetics — all unheard of achievements for a girl who took her 0’levels (passing five) only last year.

But life as a Pan’s Person has its ups and downs. Sarah and her five colleagues recently turned down an opportunity to fly to Greece to pose on a yacht for the sex magazine Penthouse. ‘They would probably have been asked to take their tops off,’ explains Penthouse associate editor Neville Player. ‘It wouldn’t have been much use to us if they didn’t.’

Sarah auditioned for Pan’s People after going to stage school in London. ‘My mother always wanted her daughter to dance, and she decided I was the right shape and everything and put me into it,’ she says. She answers questions about her hobbies with all the aplomb of a Miss World entrant. ‘Gosh … I’ve always wanted to fly, and I would like to learn to glide. I also want to be a singer and make records.’ She lives at home in Berkhampstead with her parents and two brothers and two sisters. Does she find drooling men a problem? ‘I’m too young to be pestered. I make it very clear that I’m only 16, and they soon leave me alone.’ ” from Fanfare: Unauthorized Biography of Andrew Lloyd Webber by Jonathan Mantle

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Hot Gossip pic341978 Then at 18, in 1978 Sarah joined Arlene Philips’ raunchy dance group Hot Gossip. Sarah Brightman first came to the public’s attention as lead singer of ‘Hot Gossip’ who had a regular slot on Kenny Everett’s TV Show.

The Late Kenny Everett’s show was very popular and the dance slot was well known for being fairly raunchy for prime time TV in the 70s. Hot Gossip and Sarah danced to hits of the day, and a very good job they did too!!

StarshiptrooperFrenchIt was while singing and dancing with them that she made her first top 5 hit single with I Lost My Heart To A Starship Trooper with the B-side Do Do Do. I Lost My Heart To A Starship Trooper is well know for being a rather dodgy video – but you must remember they only had a few hour to make it in. I Lost My Heart To A Starship Trooper made it to number 14 out of 100 in VH1’s Worst Videos Ever!

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In 1979 Sarah Brightman and the Starship Troopers release The Adventures Of The Love Crusader, B Side Lost In Space (The Nurgon Zone) on 7″ and 12″.12 Love Crusader01front

love in a ufoSarah Brightman “And The Aliens” released the 7″ and ultra rare 12″ single Love In A UFO, with the B Side Illusions Of Love – Sarah wrote the music and lyrics and also produced this song! The 12″ Canadian version also has Madam Hyde as a bonus track.

Sarah (aged 18) marries Andrew Graham-Stewart, producer of Tangerine Dreams, unknown to Sarah’s parents.

wordlamrriedmenalbumcover02Sarah sings in the movie, and appears on the double LP album / movie soundtrack The World Is Full Of Married Men and sings the song Madam Hyde. There was an rare Canadian 12″ version of Love in a U.F.O. released with Madam Hyde included on the B Side.

Performing her new solo single Adventures of a Love Crusader she wears a sequinned and jewelled body stocking. The idea behind this current image is of a much stronger, older, predatory woman — or, as she puts it ‘a sort of superwoman looking down on men!’

In fact, in spite of her mere 18 years, Sarah seems tongue-in-cheek and sensible about being a male turn-on.   I didn’t start out trying to be sexy,’ she giggled, ‘It just happened that way. I don’t mind at all — it’s quite a fun thing. If certainly doesn’t stop me from writing and singing songs. ‘Anyway, you’d be surprised how difficult it is to dance with lots of clothes on . . .” from Fanfare: Unauthorized Biography of Andrew Lloyd Webber by Jonathan Mantle

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1980  Sarah goes for an audition for a role in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical Cats.catspic42 Wearing blue hair and a skimpy dress she sung like an angel, and got the part of Jemima a Kitten/Cat. On her way home Sarah was driving along the M1 in her Triumph sports car, gathers speed to overtake a lorry, the lorry did not see her, and carves her up, her car spins out of control, somersaults over and hits a wall. Sarah punches a window open and scrambles out. Moments later the car bursts into flames. A very lucky escape!

In the part of Jemima was the twenty-year old Singer and dancer who had sung I Lost My Heart To A Starship Trooper, Sarah Brightman.

Sarah Brightman was now married to Andrew Graham Stewart She could dance and she had an unusual voice, with which she sang the ethereal notes in the latter part of the show. The other girls sensed she was different from them: while they were working for a living, Sarah clearly had access to money. She floated in and out of the theatre in different dresses; she carried credit cards. She did not appear calculating; she just seemed to blow along on the wind. But just occasionally, in the dressing room, through the youthful, almost childlike façade, there was a glimpse of the person beneath. from Fanfare: Unauthorized Biography of Andrew Lloyd Webber by Jonathan Mantle

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  myboyfriendsback1981  Sarah starts her own record label Whisper Records, which only lasts a year, and releases My Boyfriends Back with the B Side Sleeping Beauty.not having that

Releases the singles Not Having That!, with the B Side Echo 4

Cats Premiers at the New London Theatre (London, UK) on 11 May Cats1981, Sarah as Jemima sings the intro to Memory, then Elaine Paige sings the main song.

Sarah records Close Your Eyes / Dreams with John Barry accompanying her on piano. It was recorded as the theme for the film Frances starring Jessica Lange. This song has never been released officially, and was recorded only as a demo.Dreams

That year’s Sydmonton Festival included the performance in St Mary’s Church of a brief religious work by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Elsewhere that same month, on 24 July, the young woman who would one day sing the soprano part in Westminster Abbey continued her publicity campaign in the Daily Express:

Sarah Brightman has always been an early starter. She was the youngest Pan’s People dancer at 16, the youngest in the controversial and sexy Hot Gossip at 17 and had a Top Ten record Starship Trooper at 18.

Sarah records a medley from The Sound of Music, and a rap on the B side – she is not named as the singer but it’s her voice on her short lived record label – Whisper Records.

But her career has left little time for love. Now at 19 and in the hit musical Cats she has fallen for a man older than her father.

He is 46-year-old property developer Max Franklyn who commutes between home in Minorca and London to see her. ‘It is my first true love,’ says Sarah, ‘and I feel happy all the time. ‘I had already noticed him because of his red hair. I have had two red-headed boyfriends before and love the fire they always seem to have… ‘It was like one of those perfect romantic evenings in fiction. Candlelit tables and wine. Suddenly, it clicked. That night we went back to his home in London and made love — it was perfect and natural. ‘He is a gentleman . . What does he love about me? I think he likes my freshness and youth. ‘My own parents are very good to me. My father feels that my private life is my own business … My mother is quite strict, but the only time she asks any questions is when she sees me looking low…’ from Fanfare: Unauthorized Biography of Andrew Lloyd Webber by Jonathan Mantle

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Pirates brochure1982  On August 10th, Sarah took over from Bonnie Langford as Kate in The Pirates of Penzance at the Drury Lane Theatre, London.


From the 18 Dec 1982 to 29 Jan 1983 Sarah appears in Nightingale as the title role of the Nightingale at the Lyric NightingalebrochureHammersmith, she won rave reviews for this role. Andrew Lloyd Webber goes to see Sarah perform in Nightingale, and is blown away by her fantastic voice. Their relationship starts soon after this.

At the Young Vic, a musical was in preparation of Masquerade Poster 01Masquerade, the best-selling treasure hunt book by Kit Williams. The central character was a girl called Tara Treetops, who fell from the clouds to bewitch the hero on his way to the sun. Not long before the show opened, the star was to be seen disporting herself outside the theatre for photo calls. In a white leotard and dancing shoes, she constituted something of a distraction for the rush-hour traffic. 
Sarah stars in Masquerade as Tara Treetops. A musical / play based on Kit Williams book of the same name.

Andrew already knew about Sarah Brightman. He and Crewe-Read had frequently remarked to each other on the attractive and energetic manner of the girl whom one newspaper had described as ‘one of those hyper-active pussies from Cats’. The Cats girls had something of an offstage reputation: Trevor Nunn, then married to the actress Janet Suzman, and designer John Napier had both formed attachments to dancers from the show. In the case of Sarah Brightman, Crewe-Read possibly attached more significance to her exotic manner than to her musical abilities; but the latter was to bring her closer to the attention of Andrew Lloyd Webber. from Fanfare: Unauthorized Biography of Andrew Lloyd Webber by Jonathan Mantle

That December, a new Charles Strouse operetta came from the Buxton Festival to the Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith. The operetta was Nightingale, the musical director was the long-time Lloyd Webber associate David Firman and the bird in question was Sarah Brightman.Nightingalesarah02
Andrew had heard flattering descriptions of her from Arlene Phillips, who had choreographed Hot Gossip and was now at work on the choreography of Trains. Trains had begun life like Joseph, as a cantata for children, but now Andrew, Phillips and Nunn were reworking it for roller-skaters. The Broadway produ­cers liked that. Andrew had also given it a new name: the title of an obscure piece by Elgar for children. He called it Starlight Express.

The star of Nightingale received good reviews. To play the lead successfully in a new show from the author of Applause and Annie was a great achievement in the eyes of Andrew Lloyd Webber. Strouse, too, had a dry respect for Andrew: Whatever you say about that show,’ he liked to say, ‘it sure gives you a lot of cats.’

Sarah Brightman could not only sing and dance; now, it seemed, she could combine ‘exciting trills with a leggy, elfin grace’. Others, too, remarked on the ‘pure, sweet voice that can trill up and down scales like a songbird’. Sarah had been working hard on her voice with her coach, the former Scottish Opera singer Ian Adam. Andrew, in his capacity as impresario and talent-spotter, engineered a meeting and was staggered by what he heard.

Her voice lacked colour, but she was possessed of a truly tremendous tessitura. This extended from a strong, virtually tenor-like C below middle C all the way up to a top D — two and a half octaves in all. This was the girl he and Crewe-Read had so often joked about. He invited her to Eaton Place. He played the piano and she sang. She was not Streisand, but she could sing. Not only that, she could sing Rachmaninov in Russian. How wonderful it was, to be with a woman who really understood music. from Fanfare: Unauthorized Biography of Andrew Lloyd Webber by Jonathan Mantle

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Himfront1983   Saw the release of Him, B Side Memory (from Cats), (which Sarah would later record in Italian as well as English, and put on her Andrew Lloyd Webber Albums)

Also released Rhythm Of The Rain and B side Action Man on 7″ and 12″ Rhythm of the Rain 7 Frontvinyl. Sarah also recorded a video for this song.

Records the Song Married Man which become Music of the Night.

I adore my wife and children,’ he told them – then went On: ‘but Sarah and I desperately want to get married. This is one of the most painful periods of my life.’ He and Sarah locked in another passionate embrace. ‘You see!’ he cried. ‘You could hardly pretend that this isn’t happening!’

Nobody was pretending, except Andrew. As the British press began to take an interest, he seemed unable to acknowledge the truth.

‘My marriage isn’t over!’ he maintained to one newspaper. ‘I’m still living at home. I’ve been married for twelve years. I adore my wife…’

He was living at the Pierre Hotel, New York with Sarah Brightman at the time. When they returned to London, what might have been a brief item for the gossip columns had become a full-blown tabloid story. This was better than speculating about Tim and Elaine, or who was going to play Evita. Andrew continued to cast himself in the role of agonised victim of love and of his own emotional honesty. Sarah Brightman walked straight into the newspapers’ trap.

I’ve met Sarah, Andrew’s wife,’ [she told a reporter] ‘and I like her very much … There is no problem with Andrew’s children – I adore them. When Andrew and I are married I want us to have children of our own …  My mother absolutely adores him. And I was so worried about my parents’ reaction… ‘That was a big hurdle for me, the day I look Andrew home to meet them. Of course I knew that I wasn’t just taking on a man — I was taking on a whole new lifestyle… Andrew’s world is one of travel, entertaining and large houses to run. He is also a famous face, so I’ve had to get used to a certain lack of privacy. ‘I don’t mind that too much…’

Straight-faced, the reporter asked her if she did not worry just a little, in case she was tempted by such a prospect of domestic bliss to give up her career: The question removes her smile and for the first time you notice ambition on the cute face of the girl who had a hit with Starship Trooper.

‘I might be Mrs Lloyd Webber, but I’ll always be Sarah Brightman,’ she says firmly. She said: ‘I’ve always wanted to make it. Ever since I was a child I knew I would have to push to get anywhere. ‘So I’m not about to stop now.

No, but the large diamonds on the third finger of her left hand will ensure that she will not have to push quite so hard. from Fanfare: Unauthorized Biography of Andrew Lloyd Webber by Jonathan Mantle (this might be in the wrong year – but it mentions that they are NOT married.

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Requiem world premier programme1984  World Premier premier of Requiem programme held on Sunday 25 February 1985

Andrew Lloyd Webber and his first wife Sarah Hugill divorce as doesRoyalty 01 Sarah Brightman and Andrew Graham-Stewart divorce, and on 22 March Sarah Brightman and Andrew Lloyd Webber marry, and that evening Sarah is introduced to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, at the Starlight Express premier.

Song & Dance LPSarah succeeded Marti Webb in Song and Dance, Sarah starred as Emma. The television version was shown on BBC on Saturday April 28th. Sarah sang the fist half – Song entitled “Tell Me On A Sunday”, and Wayne Sleep starred and danced in the second half. On Saturday 28th April 1984 Song and Dance was also recorded live at the Palace Theatre London, and this live recording was released on LP, Cassette and video, although it has long since been deleted. In 2007 Song and Dance with Sarah Brightman was re mastered and released on CD. (Marti Webb version had been on CD for years)

unexpectedsongA single was released from Song and Dance – Unexpected Song and on the B Side Come Back With The Same Look In Your Eyes.

In May Song and Dance closed after two years at Andrew’s new theatre, the Palace. Late that month, Andrew staged a one-off performance of the show filmed for American television and starring Sarah in the role made well known by Marti Webb. The reviewers were unkind about her performance, hard as it was to imagine her as a vulnerable English girl abroad in America. They also mocked Andrew’s naïve insistence that Sarah had had to audition for the part. The bad publicity which had followed that first public statement about the break-up of his marriage would never quite go away. Henceforth, she would be portrayed in the British popular press as the ex-dancer and marriage-wrecker, while he would be painted as the multi­millionaire showman who had uncharacteristically allowed passion to cloud his judgment. from Fanfare: Unauthorized Biography of Andrew Lloyd Webber by Jonathan Mantle

Spring WatersOn the Russell Harty TV Show Sarah sings Spring Waters written by Sergey Rachmaninov. According to Andrew Lloyd Webber “Instead of plugging her single, Unexpected Song, she chose a difficult Russian piece which appeared to stun the screaming Shaking Stevens fans in the audience into silence.”

Sarah is asked to play Christine in Ken Hill’s version of Phantom of the Opera, but has to decline as she has other commitments.

Pie JesuSarah premiered Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Requiem in New York and London, for which she received a Grammy nomination as Best New Classical Artist. A 7″ and 12″ single was released from Requiem – Pie Jesu with Sarah and Paul Miles-Kingston, and the B Side Recordare.

Pie Jesu is the only classical single sung in Latin ever to be released by HMV Classics, sold 25,000 copies on its day of release and the single gets to number 3 in the British pop charts – an incredible achievement! The 12″ Version has an extra track – Hosanna with Placido Domingo.

Sarah’s performance of Song and Dance (video) is shown at Andrews Lloyds Webber’s Sydmonton concert on Saturday 14th July at 21.15pm

Christmas DreamPerforms the song Christmas Dream, a song written by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice with German lyrics by Andre Heller for the 1974 Columbia film The Odessa File.

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Dancing on the Ceiling1985  Performed a tribute to Jessie Mathews with a song from the film “Evergreen” Dancing on the Ceiling. At the Royal Variety Performance.

English Girls demonstration recording made in New York in 1985 for Song and Dance released on vinyl and CD single Anything But Lonely in 1989. English Girls has never been released on any of Sarah’s albums. Probably on Thursday also recorded at this time. Although it will take two decades before this is released on an album.

Sarah starred in a Concert The Music Of Andrew Lloyd Webber at the Palace Theatre London 25 October – 2 November 1985 with Julian Lloyd Webber, Aled Jones, Paul Miles-Kingston, Iain Paton, Justin Lavender and Jane Gregory.

The Merry WidowAlso the same year (1985) she performed the role of Valencienne in The Merry Widow02Merry Widow for New Sadler’s Wells Opera. Unfortunately as far as I know, there is no recording for The Merry Widow with Sarah in, which is rather sad. Although she did sing Love Unspoken with Michael Bundy at her Sarah Brightman Gala Concert for BBC Radio 2, which was recorded in Golder’s Green, London UK. This has never officially been released. Sarah has also sung this song with Placido Domingo.

Sydmonton 1985Charity concert Opera for Africa at the Verona Arena, recorded in August 1985, to raise money for the African famine appeal. Sarah Sings Pie Jesu.

Friday July 5th – 8.00pm Phantom of the Opera – a shortened version of the first act planned for London the following spring. with rare songs such as :- Buried Alive & What has Time Done To Me? (think of me) is performed at the Sydmonton Festival

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Sydmonton 19861986  At the Sydmonton festival on Friday 4th July 8.00pm A recital of Folk and Cabaret songs by Sarah Brightman songs to include – Sweet Polly Oliver, Early One Morning, The Ash Grove, Belle, Est Au Jardin D’amour and The Last Rose Of Summer accompanied by Janet Edwards. (from Sarah’s forthcoming album Early One Morning also known as The Trees They Grow So High)

Saturday 5th July Champagne reception and a few songs from Phantom of the Opera from the forth coming production in concert performed by members of the London cast.

PhantombrochureSarah inspired Andrew Lloyd Webber to write the musical phenomenon which is The Phantom of the Opera. Andrew created the role of Christine for Sarah’s voice in The Phantom of the Opera. This role shows just how versatile Sarah’s voice is, and is very vocally demanding. Phantom opened at Her Majesty’s Theatre, London in October 1986. Sarah also premiered the role on Broadway in 1988, where she was nominated for a Drama Desk Award.Carousel

Sang the part of Carrie on the studio recording of Carousel.

Phantom Of The Opera – musical released on LP, Tape and CD. The following singles are also released from the musical Phantom of the Opera with Sarah Brightman and Steve Harley. Black, luminous vinyl version and CD (Luminous vinyl is rare!). Also released as a 12″, which is rare as this longer version is not available anywhere else.

AllIAskofyouAll I Ask Of You with Cliff Richard 7″ & 12″ versions (12″ version has Only You from Starlight Express duet with Cliff Richard this songs was not available anywhere else) Music of the Night – Michael Crawford and Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again double A side single.

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dorettafront1987  Sarah sang and released the song Doretta’s Dream – Theme from Room With A View – (the film I believe), the B side O Mio Babbino Caro, Sarah is later to record this song again and put it on her classic album Timeless.

a 12″ Special Collectors Edition Phantom Of the Opera single released featuring Sarah Brightman in All I Ask Of You with Steve Barton, Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again and Phantom Of the Opera with Michael Crawford.

Appeared in the Royal Variety Performance with Michael Crawford singing Phantom of the Opera

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The Trees They Grow So High1988  EMI Releases Early One Morning, Folksongs arranged by Benjamin Britten. This album has also been released as The Trees They grow So High. This features Geoffrey Parsons on Piano and Sarah on Vocals.

Christmas Spectacular

Also in 1988 an album was released for Children in Need. Sarah sang In The Bleak Midwinter. Called a Christmas Spectacular/ Save The Children / Christmas Celebration. This version of the song is not available anywhere else. Sarah does re-record this for her Winter Symphony Album released at the end of 2008, twenty years later.

On January 26th Sarah made her Broadway debut reprising her role in “Phantom” at The Majestic Theatre, and is nominated for a “Best Actress” Drama Desk Award.

Sarah’s first UK concert Tour of The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber, dates and venues being:- 23 October Bournemouth, 2 November Nottingham, 3 November Croydon, 20 November Birmingham

BLACKPOOL’S all lit up again on Saturday when husband and wife musical pair Andrew Lloyd Webber and Sarah Brightman are on hand to switch on the famous illuminations. Around 15,000 people are expected to enjoy the fun, with the switch-on at around 8.45 p.m. (taken from, Weekend 3 September 1988)

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The children’s film Grandpa was released. Sarah sang the song Make Believe at the end during the credits. This was released as a 7″ and 12″ vinyl single and CD single and CD & LP album, and on video, Sarah only sings, she does not appear in it. Howard Blake wrote the music and lyrics.

Sarah releases her first solo album – The Songs That Got Away based on songs from Broadway and West End Musicals that somehow got lost. Sarah sings some truly marvellous songs Meadowlark is a fantastic song, Sarah sings this with such emotion, I find it difficult not to cry when listening. Also Half a Moment from Jeeves (and Andrew Lloyd Webber flop! The only one he’s had) but revived as By Jeeves and played to rave reviews at the West End, and very entertaining and fun it was too!

The song Mr Monotony is released as a promo single only and is ULTRA RARE. This album was produced by Andrew Lloyd Webber and the Really Useful Record Co. / Group

Single Anything But Lonely Released on 7″, 12″ and CD. The CD and 12″ versions contain the following songs Anything But Lonely, Half A Moment, What Makes Me Love Him? and English Girls this track is very rare, it was demonstration recording made in New York in 1985 for Song and Dance and has never been released by Sarah, other than on this 12″ vinyl and CD Single.

Also recorded “Probably On Thursday” – this song was not been been released until October 2005.

Starred in “This Is Your Life – Sarah Brightman”

Sarah performs at the Sydmonton Festival songs from Jessie Matthews.

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Sarah releases her second solo album As I Came Of Age, and a 7″ single Something To Believe In and B Side Brown Eyes the CD single has the extra bonus track Love Changes Everything sung by Sarah. This album is very easy listening, rather folky, but I love this one, especially the song The River Cried. Love Changes Everything which is different from the track on the Sarah Brightman sings Andrew Lloyd Webber album. Sarah has recorded this track more than once.

On 5 November, Sarah’s divorce arrives from Andrew Lloyd Webber. But their musical relationship survives and to this day Sarah sings songs from her ex husband’s greatest stage musical Phantom of the Opera in her concerts, which was written for Sarah, and is now the longest running musical on Broadway USA!

The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber 1990 Tour The London Palladium “FEBRUARY 26 – MARCH 3 1990. 6 PERFORMANCES ONLY”

Sarah appears in Aspects of Love as Rose Vibert both in the USA and the UK.

Sarah performs in The Royal Variety Performance A Royal Birthday and sings Music of the Night.

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Sarah tries to boost the sale of tickets for Aspects Of Love; she plays Rose Vibert in both New York and London. Sadly Aspects of Love closes, but Sarah played to rave reviews both in the US and the UK. One critic from The Daily Mail in London wrote “Her performance could only be rivalled if Venus the Goddess of Love came down amongst us and danced”

The Music Of Andrew Lloyd Webber Prince Edward Theatre 12 more performances of the Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber for 2 weeks beginning May 13th, 1991

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Sarah Performs The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber in Japan.

Really Useful Records releases Sarah Brightman Sings The Songs Of Andrew Lloyd Webber. As far as I know this was only released in Japan and Australia. It has 2 different CD covers. The Australian version has the extra Olympics Song Amigos Para Siempre on it.

Sarah and Jose Carraras close the Barcelona Olympic Games singing the theme song “Amigos Para Siempre” to a worldwide audience of 3 billion people! The songs was released on a 7″ vinyl and CD single. the CD single also has the rarer Spanish version of the song.

Sarah plays Rose Trelawney in Trelawney of the ‘Wells and also records theme song called Evening Star but is not commercially released.

Sings the song Free as a Bird composed by her ex husband Andrew Lloyd Webber for a Charity RSPB fund raiser, Carnival for the Birds. This song has never been released.

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Released third solo album Dive, with her new producer Frank Peterson.

Single Captain Nemo on 7″ vinyl and CD. The CD single has the following tracks Captain Nemo Radio edit & Extended Version (unavailable elsewhere) When It Rains In America and Island. Also music video for Captain Nemo released.

Second single from Dive released on 7″ vinyl and CD form. Second Element CD single has the following tracks: The Second Element, The Second Element (album version) Island and Rain with lyrics written by Sarah’s sister Nicola. This song would go on to appear on the rare CD Fly 2

Appears in Relative Values as Miranda Frayle at the Chichester Festival Theatre, Sussex and then transferred to the Savoy Theatre in London’s West End. I believe that this production toured the UK with Sarah before transferring to London’s West End.

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Appears in Dangerous Obsessions in Basingstoke, Haymarket Theatre, Hampshire England, where she starred as Sally Driscoll in N.J. Crisp’s suspenseful play.

Sarah does two concerts in Japan, one in February and a second one in June performing songs like Regnava Nel Silenzio, Alleluja, O Mio Babbino Caro, La Wally, Depuis Le Jour, Les Filles de Cadix, Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again, The Music Of The Night, and Don’t Cry For Me Argentina. Eventually some of these songs would find their way to various concerts – Royal Albert Hall – In Concert and the single Just Show Me How to Love You is the only place to hear the song Regnava Nel Silenzio more than likely record from one of these concerts

Sang Pie Jesu on This is your Life Andrew Lloyd Webber

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Recorded Surrender The Unexpected Songs with Andrew Lloyd Webber, this is a great Andrew Lloyd Webber album and is highly recommended. Many songs recorded again with orchestras – such as Tell Me On A Sunday, Unexpected Song and Nothing Like You’ve Ever Known which Sarah first sang on stage in Song and Dance / Tell Me On A Sunday.

Released forth solo album Fly, and the following singles from that album, Question of Honour 2 versions one version has very short and haunting beautiful song On The Nile. The other dance mixes. How Can Heaven Love Me featuring Christopher Thompson and Heaven Is Here. Made Music videos of How Can Heaven Love Me and Question Of Honour.

Sarah performed at Henry Maske’s final boxing match in 1995 and sung Question of Honour.

Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber 1995 Tour in the USA.

28 October 1995 Sarah recorded The Sarah Brightman Gala Concert at The Hippodrome, Golders Green London which is aired on BBC Radio 2. Rare Songs include:- Non Credea Mirarti & Non Giunge Uman Pensiero, Signore Ascolta!, La Tragenda, Depuis La Jour. If I Loved You from Carousel which Sarah did not sing on the Studio album, and the track Lippen Schweigen – Love Unspoken with Michael Bundy, from the Merry Widow – which Sarah did not sing in her stint on the Merry Widow. In the Interval there was a 20 minute Interview with Sarah and ex husband Andrew Lloyd Webber in which Andrew says that without Sarah he believes there would not have been Phantom, and Sarah disagrees.

Portrays Miss Giddens in The Innocents at the Haymarket Theatre Basingstoke, Hampshire England.

Stars in Concert Joy To The World at the Royal Albert hall on 12th December along with people like Cliff Richard, Gloria Hunniford, Grace Kennedy, Patricia Hodge and Christopher Biggins. it was in the presence of the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester.

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The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber starring Sarah Brightman & Anthony Warlow Australian Tour July – August 1996.

Frank Peterson at Sarah’s Official Website mentioned that Sarah recorded a version of the theme from the film
“Once Upon A Time In The West.” the piece is written by Ennio Morriconne and it is vocalised.

Sarah was again seen on worldwide television, when she performed Question of Honour and Time To Say Goodbye with Andrea Bocelli. thanks to SBFlyfan.

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Timeless released, an Everlasting, Ageless and Celebrated Classical Album.

CD Single Time To Say Goodbye (Con Te Partiro) duet with Andrea Bocelli makes No. 2 in British Charts! Promo CD single has the versions of Time To Say Goodbye sung by Sarah in English and Spanish. This single went on to make history in Germany, and became the best selling single there ever! Tracks are Time To Say Goodbye (Con Te Partiro), Sleep Tight (unreleased Track) You Take My Breath Away and Time To Say Goodbye (Con Te Partiro) Sarah’s intimate version.

Other singles released are: – Who Wants To Live Forever, on 12″ and CD single, (12″ version rare dance mixes) CD single Who Wants To Live Forever, , and Just Show Me How To Love You duet with Jose Cura, tracks are: – Just Show Me How To Love You, O Mio Babbino and Regnava Nel Silenzio. There for Me with Jose Cura along with a music video and Tu Quieres Volver.

In late 1997 Sarah’s Timeless Concert Tour plays over the UK and Germany.

Sarah released her first Video / DVD recorded Live at the Royal Albert Hall London – which is based around her Timeless album, with a few rare songs which do not appear on her CDs such as Les Filles de Cadiz, Solveig’s Song, Summertime, Somewhere / I Feel Pretty / Tonight.

Really Useful Records Release Sarah Brightman, The Andrew Lloyd Webber Collection.

Frank Peterson at Sarah’s Official Website once talked about a song Sarah recorded for the “Timeless” (Time To Say Goodbye) Album. The song is called “Leolam” and is sung in Hebrew. The music was written by John Williams and is the theme for the film “Schindler’s List”. Sadly, Mr. Williams has declined permission for Sarah’s vocal version of the piece to be released. Film producer / director Steven Spielberg also petitioned Mr. Williams to release the song, and both Sarah Brightman and Frank Peterson tried to get the song released on “Eden” and then “La Luna” but requests were denied. Info from SB Fly fan’s pages – thank you

Concert at the Church “Saint Maria Del Carmine, Milano” the 21 March, 1997 Sarah Brightman sang at the second part of this concert; The Requiem of Fauré. thanks to Isa for this info

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Appeared in Art on Ice on 23 & 24 January, 1998 in Zurich Switzerland as a guest singer, and sung Question of Honour, Who Wants To Live Forever, Don’t Cry For Me Argentina & Time To Say Goodbye.

Starship Troopers ’98 re-released CD single dance mixes not as good, fun or raunchy and naughty as the original!

Starred in A Christmas in Vienna along with Placido Domingo, Helmut Lottie and Riccardo Cocciante. The song First Of May appears in concerts, single and album. Eden concert, Eden single, La Luna Album, and La Luna Concerts (not all). This was released on CD and DVD.

In the film Ronin that stars Robert de Niro there is a skating scene that features Sarah’s’ voice singing “Time To Say Goodbye.” She is listed in the credits at the end of the film. – thanks to Pete Arnold from Las Vegas USA for this info.

On 7 April 1998 Sarah was involved in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s 50th Birthday Celebration where she sang Hosanna with Dennis O’Neill, Pie Jesu, Phantom of the Opera with Antonio Banderas, All I Ask of You with Michael Ball and Music of the Night.

Sarah’s new album Eden is released. This is a great album of classical music, pop songs, and chants. A very listen able album, and highly recommended. I love the Track Il Mio Cuore Va, an Italian version of My Heart will Go On, Sarah sings this wonderfully. Sarah also does a truly fantastic rendition of Nessun Dorma, proving that she is as good if not much better than any other classical singer male or female!

Eden single release on CD with the following tracks Eden, He Moved Through The Fair (unreleased track, but also available of ultra rare Fly 2) and First Of May.

Bird in Flight demo recorded for the Royal Opening of the Millennium Dome. written by Matt Aitken and Mike Stock. sadly never released.

Music Divider

One Night In Eden Tour takes Sarah to South Africa, Europe, USA and Canada.

Released Eden and Time To Say Goodbye The Millennium Edition. This album contains a new song entitled Desert Rose, which is also available on the Album Fly II which was only available from La Luna Concerts.

One Night In Eden World Tour Video & DVD released – recorded at the Superbowl Sun City South Africa 1999

Appears on the film soundtrack album Brokedown Palace singing Deliver Me from eden.

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La Luna album released which translates (In English) to The Moon. The European versions had the Bonus Track First Of May (Live). The USA Version has more tracks, which include Winter In July, A Whiter Shade Of Pale (a 60s song), La Lune; He Doesn’t See Me (a slightly different version of She Doesn’t See Him) and hidden track at the end of La Luna – Moon River. My personal favourites have to be Scarborough Fair, Hijo De La Luna, She Doesn’t See Him, Gloomy Sunday, La Luna, Moon River, Winter In July, A Whiter Shade Of Pale and He Doesn’t See Me.

Also in 2000 Sarah guest stars as herself in the German film Zeit der Erkenntnis, based on Rosamunde Pilcher book, where although her voice is dubbed in German she sings Scarborough Fair at the Minack Theatre in Western Cornwall, England. I have been to this theatre, and it has to be the most unusual and beautiful theatres in the world. The sea is the stunning backdrop! I have stood where Sarah sung Scarborough Fair, which is one of my favourite songs!

In an interview for BBC Radio Cornwall Sarah said that she used to holiday with her family in Mousehole – pronounced Mowzel which is a small and charming fishing village with a wonderful harbour not far from Penzance and the Minack theatre.

Promo single with 3 tracks Scarborough Fair, La Luna and She does not see him released from La Luna.

Sarah performed in July in New York (US) with the Twin Towers in the landscape. The world’s most romantic voice sings the classical arias under the setting sun. Accompanied by the soprano Anna Maria Martinez and the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra. With the special appearance of Sarah Brightman. thanks to Isa for this info

June 5, 2000 at Tokyo Sarah performed with Placido Domingo Lascia ch’io Pianga, Pie Jesu, La Luna, Placido & Sarah – La Ci Darem La Mano, O Mio Babbino Caro, Placido & Sarah – Lippen Schweigen, Il Mio Cuore Va and Placido & Sarah – Time To Say Goodbye thanks to Isa for this info

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Sarah goes on a world tour with La Luna. At the La Luna concerts the album Fly has been re-released – called Fly II with a second CD with rare tracks, these tracks are as follows:- Once in a Lifetime (96 Remixed), First of May (99 Live Version), How Can Heaven Love Me (PeCh Remix), Desert Rose, Do You Wanna Be Loved?, Hurry Home, Same Thing to You, Rain, He Moved Through the Fair, Starship Trooper (98 Remix), On the Nile, How Can Heaven Love Me (Video version), Once in a Lifetime (96 Ballad version)

The end of 2001 also sees Classics released – this album is a mixture of Eden and La Luna with bonus songs such as Ave Maria, Winter Light, Alhambra, Dans La Nuit. Pie Jesu, Nessum Dorma and O Mio Babbino Caro are re-recorded for this album.

There is also some controversy over the pictures in the album sleeve. Some leave little to the imagination, and yet they are tasteful, beautiful, and show Sarah has lost none of her youthful vitality or beauty – she is now 40 years old – and looks half her age!

Classics in Asia and US. I knew she didn’t release it in Europe but I’m not sure about in UK. But she did come to Taiwan to promo “Ave Maria” and I’ve seen her singing “Ave Maria” in CNN’s Larry King’s Show during the Christmas of 2001 in US – thanks to Jeff.

Also aired as a PBS Special in the USA. and was sold as a video as part of the PBS pledge drive – this video is very rare as it was never commercially released.

The Very Best Of Sarah Brightman 1990 – 2000 released. A mixture of most of Sarah’s albums. Not the best choice of songs for a greatest hits album.

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More than likely Sarah is doing her research and recording her new album to be launched next year – Harem.

The Box Set Encore / Surrender is released

Music Divider

Harem (2003 official US Nemo/Angel Records original pre-advance 12-track promo CD-R acetate pressed up as ‘Not Final Master’ version, security coded and with a different track listing and running order from the final version, including ‘Where Eagles Fly’ which is not on the commercial release! .

Sarah’s long awaiting new album Harem is launched. it has a wonderful Middle Eastern feel to it, and mixes Pop and Dance with Opera. My favourite songs from this are Harem, Beautiful Day, The Journey Home (from Bombay Dreams), It’s a Beautiful Day, and Stranger In Paradise. Sarahbande and Naminda when Firebirds Cry from Japanese Ultimate harem release, . Sarah will tour the world with Harem. This album is so very Sarah, it has her feeling of pop, opera and dance music all mixed up together, and yes it works so well – I love this album, it’s a soothing Arabian Nights adventure.

On at least 2 of the VERY RARE promos of this album the song Where Eagles Fly is also included, but cannot be found anywhere else – as far as I know! Sarah sings this song with Eric Adams from Manowar – a rock group. This song has NEVER been released officially

Encore released by The Really Useful Group. This included four never released songs – Whistle Down the Wind, One More Walk the Around the Garden {From Carmelina} What More Do I Need {From Saturday Night} and In the Mandarin’s Orchid Garden {From East Is West}

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Sarah’s Harem World Tour is underway, due to some problems – not sure what, the Harem Tour has been postponed in Europe until the Autumn. The Harem Japan Ultimate Edition of Harem is release with the song NAMIDA – When Firebirds Cry – this is THE only album you will find this song on! I have this song and it sounds wonderful!

Harem Limited Edition Tour CD available only during some Harem concerts – if there are enough for the fans who want them! Which includes the following rare songs:- Karma Sutra, Join Me With Gregorian, My Imagination, Don’t give up With Gregorian, Forbidden Colours The Smile With Schiller, Pay no Mind, Voyage Voyage With Gregorian, Colours of the Rainbow, The Secret Still Remains With Sash, I’ve Seen it All With Schiller and Watermark.

September 2004 sees Sarah’s first Live CD release Harem Live in Las Vegas with a wonderful bonus studio song Snow On The Sahara.

Desert Fantasy DVD released with 13 video tracks of Sarah singing songs from Harem, a collectors and fans must have!

Also Live Video / DVD harem Live in Las Vegas released with a quiz on the DVD where YOU could win Sarah’s Tiara from her Harem Tour. This has already taken place and someone has won it ! – Congratulations to them what a wonderful prize!

Music Divider

Musicals and More double album released. This is very hard to find as seems to have been deleted almost as soon as it was released.

The Andrew Lloyd Webber Collection Vol. 2 Released 5th Oct, includes five never before released recordings, featuring a duet from Aspects of Love with Michael Ball, and some of Lloyd Webber’s rarely heard classics, including:- Probably On A Thursday, The Perfect Year, Only You – featuring Cliff Richard, Love Changes Everything, Seeing Is Believing – featuring Michael Ball, Any Dream Will Do, Too Much In Love To Care – featuring John Barrowman and Make Up My Heart.

“Love The Earth Sarah Brightman and her Asian Friends,” a concert in which world-famous soprano vocalist Sarah Brightman of the UK collaborated with three Asian artists, was held on the evening of April 12 at the EXPO 2005 venue Sarah sang, Les Filles de Cadix, Anytime Anywhere, La Luna, Stranger in Paradise / Nessun Dorma, Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again, Time to Say Goodbye and Scarborough Fair thanks to Isa, Filipus & Teofan21

On December 31, 2005, Sarah performed with several other artists, both Chinese and Western, at Beijing’s Great Hall of the People. She was well received by the audience there and performed a repertoire of Broadway and classical songs, namely: Les Filles De Cadix, Anytime, Anywhere, I Feel Pretty, Tonight (West Side Story) Time To say Goodbye and I Could Have Danced All Night from My Fair Lady.

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Sarah Brightman and Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber at the 20th Anniversary of Phantom of the Opera

Fly re-released with new cover and a few songs from Fly 2 – the RARE album – only available from Japan.

Classics European released on 2 October with different song including Music Of The Night, Ave Maria, Pie Jesu (solo version ??), Winter Light. Not really as good as the US / Asia release, as no Alhambra or Dans La Nuit.

Album released on 4th October called Diva Singles Collection, no new stuff here – just recycled songs – a bit like the Greatest Hits CD, but one for all true SB Fans no the less.

Also Diva the Video Collection released on 4th October – this is really worth while having, as there were are no official videos available to purchase before this release. This includes rarities such as Captain Nemo, A Question of Honour, How Can Heaven Love Me – a real rarity! Eden, Who Wants to Live Forever, Deliver Me, Anytime, Anywhere, Nella Fantasia (new video), Whiter Shade of Pale, Ave Maria, Kama Sutra, Harem, Free (Radio remix), Starship Troopers. Sadly no early stuff, which I personally find a GREAT disappointment!

10 Oct 2006 and the Phantom of the Opera is still haunting the West End 20 years on.

Andrew Lloyd Webber and Sarah Brightman received a standing ovation at Her Majesty‘s Theatre last night as the musical celebrated 20 years on the West End stage. Speaking about Sarah he said, “Without Sarah there would be no Phantom. Everyone knows she was my muse for the show. It is a great joy to have her back on stage at Her Majesty’s”.

Sarah is announced as IAAF Green Project Ambassador. The IAAF Green Project is an IAAF initiative that reflects a commitment to find ways to contribute to the global environment through events such as the IAAF World Championships in Athletics. We hope this project will contribute in some way to a healthier earth, one that supports a future in which everyone can enjoy athletics. We believe the IAAF World Championships in Athletics should continue to be a venue for determining world champions not only from among a few who are blessed by their environment, but from among all the world’s humanity.

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Sarah appeared on UK TV BBC One “Just The Two of Us” – a reality TV show with singing partner and cricketer Mark Butcher!, they made it to the final, but sadly did not win, both sounded great and it was a wonderful week of SB TV! I voted for Sarah every night!

In a special Friday Night Is Music Night, live from the Regent Theatre in Ipswich UK, and broadcast on BBC radio 2, Sarah Brightman presented (did not sing) a programme celebrating two of the greatest names in contemporary musical theatre, who remarkably share the same birthday on 22 March – Andrew Lloyd Webber and Stephen Sondheim. The BBC Concert Orchestra under conductor Richard Balcombe, plus musical theatre stars Maria Friedman, Michael McCarthy, Annalene Beechey and Matt Rawle, supported by Capital Voices, performed extracts from Phantom of the Opera, A Little Night Music, Jesus Christ Superstar, West Side Story, Evita, Sweeney Todd, Sunset Boulevard, Follies, and many more.

Time To say Goodbye features in the film Blades Of Glory

Sarah sings “Abide With Me” with Lesley Garrett at the new Wembley Stadium in London before the FA Cup Final between Man U & Chelsea, to a crown of approx 90,000 people, and this was also televised around the world. Chelsea won 1-0 in extra time. This event also marks the official opening of the new Wembley Stadium.

A French version of Diva was being scheduled for released with duets with French singers. This album seems to have been abandoned.

Sarah will sing “I Will Be With You” with Chris Thompson on the new Pokemon Movie, the CD single will be released in Japan, and the song will appear on Sarah’s new album.

On July 1st, Sarah performed All I Ask Of You from Phantom of the Opera with Josh Groban at the Princess Diana Memorial Concert at Wembley Stadium. This charity concert was organized by Prince William and Prince Harry to mark Princess Diana’s 46th birthday, and the 10th anniversary of her death. The roster of internationally-acclaimed artists are favourites of Princess Diana and her sons. Phantom of the Opera was Diana’s favourite musical and she has the single All I Ask of You with Sarah and Cliff Richard. This was Sarah’s second performance at Wembley within two months.

On July 7th, Sarah headlines at Live Earth Shanghai. Live Earth was a series of concerts held across every continent on 07/07/07, over a 24-hour period. This event was held in London, New York, Sydney, Shanghai, Tokyo, Johannesburg, Rio de Janeiro, Hamburg and Istanbul. The concerts featured many of the worlds well known music artists, who have signed on, not only to raise funds, but to also raise the profile for environmental causes. Sarah sung Nella Fantasia, La Luna, Time To Say Goodbye and there seemed to be some disruption to her performance and so it did not quite go as planed.

Sarah’s brand new song, “Running”, was chosen as the official theme song for the 2007 IAAF Athletics Championship Games in Osaka, Japan. The song will be premiered at the opening ceremony on August 25 which will be broadcast in 200 countries. Brightman has also been appointed as IAAF’s first Green Project Ambassador to help raise awareness for the global environment. Sarah’s new single Running released on 28 August 2007 with 2 tracks – Vocal and instrumental. Running is the official theme song for the 2007 IAAF Athletics Championships.

Song & Dance finally released on CD after 23 years ! It was only available on tape or LP previously.

Sarah starring in the film “Repo! The Genetic Opera.” as Blind Mag along with Anthony Head who starred in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, they start filming in mid September and the film is due out around late 2008. The soundtrack has already been recorded. Sarah has made a BIG impression on Darren Lynn Bousman the film’s director.

Sarah will be performing in Atlantic City on Nov 17 at the “Progressive Fashion On Ice,” billed as an eclectic mix of cutting-edge fashion, as well as world-class skating, and singing a few songs from her new album.

Concert for Diana to be released mid November on DVD with Sarah and Gosh Groban singing All I Ask Of You.

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Sarah’s new album Symphony released this year between January and May. Symphony enters the UK album charts at No. 13. Another two new releases are Live In Concert from the RAH – OK, so it’s an older concert – but has a number of rare non album tracks – so really worth getting, and the prices are very reasonable especially as this is a CD & DVD combination!. The second offering is called The Best of Sarah Brightman and is from Japan and is a 2 disc best of compilation from such albums as – As I Came Of Age, SB sings ALW, The Songs That Got Away, and Love, and Love Changes Everything ALW Vol. 2.

Sarah and Liu Huan – sing at the 2008 Opening Ceremony of the Beijing Olympics in China, the title of the song is called “You and Me”. This the second time Sarah has performed at an Olympic Ceremony, the first being at the Barcelona 1992 games. This songs was downloaded over 26 million times.

Repo the Generic Opera soundtrack released on 30th September. The film being released November, which stars Sarah as Blind Mag.

Sarah released a Christmas / Winter / Seasonal Album this November called A Winter Symphony. which contains such classics as Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring, Silent Night and Child in a Manger to the more fun I Believe In Father Christmas and I Wish it could be Christmas Everyday. The Limited Edition has a DVD with interviews, Photo gallery, The Making Of A Winter Symphony with Photo shoot and from Fasion on Ice – Fleurs Du Mal, Symphony, Let It Rain and Running.

Sarah starts her Symphony world tour in surprise surprise America! and it never comes to Europe – what a rip off for the fans!

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Sarah continues her Symphony World tour , and goes to South America for the first time. With a grand finale concert at Chechen Itza, Mexico, an ancient Mayan temple which is a World Heritage Site.

Repo The Genetic Opera out on DVD late January onwards.

Symphony Live in Vienna released in March on CD & DVD.

Sarah is filing in Scotland this summer (by all accounts, not officially confirmed) for a new film called Cosi with Richard E Grant.

Release of Amalfi – Love Songs – a compilation album but with new photos, and only available to the Japanese market, as this is a soundtrack release.

Also another compilation album – Bella Voce released by Greenhill Music.

Two new songs released in Japan – Stand Alone – sung in Japanese and Done for Panasonic sung in English.

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Done video released for Panasonic.

Some tours in Asia

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First Night / Cosi premiers in Glasgow Scotland

Sarah recording new album due to be released in mid 2012

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Sarah recording new album due to be released in 2012 / 2013.

Sarah becomes UNESCO ambassador of Peace in February.

First Night Movie to be released on DVD in June. New Album and Tour scheduled for release.

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Sarah’s new album Dreamchaser is released., sadly many fans let down due to tour dated being changed / rescheduled / cancelled and CD release date being put back from January to April except in Japan.

Sarah goes on a world tour with Dreamchaser. No UK dates so far – what a surprise !!!!!

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Dreamchaser tour continues intermittently.

Sarah damages her ankle and has to cancel concerts until September 2014

Sarah conducts in a charity concert – Symfunny, in the Royal Albert Hall in a of Parkinson’s disease, this raised £125,000.

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Sarah Brightman announced today that she is postponing her plans to launch aboard the upcoming Soyuz TMA-18M spaceflight mission. Ms. Brightman said that for personal family reasons her intentions have had to change and she is postponing her cosmonaut training and flight plans at this time. She would like to express her extreme gratitude to Roscosmos, Energia, GCTC (Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center), Star City, NASA and all the cosmonauts and astronauts, for their support during this exciting time in her life.

“Since 2012, Sarah has shared her story of a lifelong dream to fly to space. Her international fame as the world’s best-selling soprano has enabled her message to circle the globe, inspiring others to pursue their own dreams,” said Eric Anderson, Co-Founder and Chairman of Space Adventures, Ltd. “We’ve seen firsthand her dedication to every aspect of her spaceflight training and to date, has passed all of her training and medical tests. We applaud her determination and we’ll continue to support her as she pursues a future spaceflight opportunity.”

more info –

Sarah in training for her trip to the International Space Station in September.

Notes on the design of Sarah’s mission patch. taken from

The design captures the classic historic spirit of space travel and exploration, while using a female figure as the central motif – highlighting the potential of women to succeed in the worlds of science and technology, traditionally the preserve of men.

The figure is drawn with a respectful nod towards the stylish, heroic aesthetic of 1960’s soviet statuary, in particular the monuments to pioneer cosmonauts such as the first man in space Yuri Gagarin. Similarly, the four pointed star at the top of the design refers to the emblem for Russia’s Star City and the ascending rocket is adapted from the beautiful “Conquerors Of Space” monument which is situated outside the All-Russia Exhibition Centre in VDNKh.

At the base of this, the flags of three nations lead the way into the ascent; Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. Behind the female figure is the earth – the most recognizable landmass we see is the United Kingdom, the birthplace of Sarah Brightman. Positioned like a crown above the female figure is the image of the International Space Station itself.

Never has the term “Mission statement” been more appropriate. For Sarah, this mission – TMA 18M – embodies her own goals: CHASING DREAMS, SHAPING FUTURES. Sarah’s endless pursuit of realizing her own ambitions is matched by her personal commitment to the advancement of education for young people around the world. She works closely with several organizations that strive to achieve greater opportunities in the fields of Science, technology, engineering, mathematics and the arts, including UNESCO (as an Artist for Peace ambassador), Virgin Unite, (the non-profit foundation of the Virgin Group – as a scholarship benefactor), and Challenger Center (STEM education non-profit organization – as an advisory board member). Sarah is also a supporter of The Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation, which significantly supports the arts, music in schools, The Architectural Heritage Fund and awards 30 performing arts scholarships annually.

Finally, at the centre of the design, behind the female figure is The Moon, which refers back to the Apollo 11 landing. This event had captivated Sarah as she watched it on TV as a child and was the driving inspiration behind her earliest desire to travel into space. The moon also became the predominant motif on the cover of her latest album project, Dreamchaser.


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An Angel of Music does exist and her name is Sarah Brightman.

Sarah has the most incredible voice, it is so pure, sweet, and she has true pitch. Sarah needs no orchestra to accompany her. Hearing her sing live makes the hairs at the back of my neck stand on end, such a beautiful voice from a little lady! If you can, go and see Sarah live in concert, she is truly magnificent. Sarah will take you to her garden of Eden, you can fly to the Moon with her, visit her Harem of musical fantasy and her Symphony of sound. Go and visit the Galaxies and Chase your Dreams with her and you still want to hear more and more . . .

An Angel of Music does exist and her name is Sarah Brightman.

If anyone thinks there should be more information, or that I have missed anything out on this page, please email me, and I will include it on this page along with a thank you! I have only included Sarah’s professional life, and marriage / divorce, which is publicly known, not her private life, because that belongs to her, and I respect that.



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