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Sogni / Single Available to download / Buy NOW here

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Hymn / Album Available to Pre-order here

Some photos are copyright of Sarah Brightman and Simon Fowler and are used here to promote Sarah’s work and new album ! taken from https://sarahbrightman.com/

Pictures taken from various magazines etc.     NO COPYRIGHT IS INFERRED IN THEIR REPRODUCTION HERE

Thank to fans SHARING SCREENSHOTS of my original BIG  website, it has been deleted.  This is the microsite which will take it’s place.
Thank you to all those thieves out there – you have ruined a great website for others !  This means that some pages like the Newspaper & Magazine Clippings Section will not EVER be put back online again.   There are No lyrics or song history info either on this site.
I was called “Selfish” for doing that – but I spent approximatly £2,500 on that website over the years with the domain name, hosting and content – not that selfish !!

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 This website is owned & copyright of  RRW © 1998 – 2018.  No part of this website may be re-produced in any shape or form without prior permission.


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